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Smart keywords

Optimize your entire page for your target keywords

Discover long-tail keywords, understand how your pasta recipe differs from others, and more smart insights with machine learning.

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Get Featured

In-depth guidance and checks for your rich data markup to ensure your recipe shows up in Guided Recipes and Recipe Cards from Google.

Page Tune-Up

Integration with Google PageSpeed Insights shows you how your page can improve in performance, and user experience.

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Comprehensive Checks

Broken Links / Images Checker

Verifies all the links and images on your page are working as they should.
Upgrade to Pro for fully automated daily checks.

Contextual Content

Makes sure your title, images, alt text, headings, and everything else is perfectly synced with your targeted keywords.

Over 100+ Different Checks

From your meta tags to your page's security protocols, we have more than 100 different checks for your online recipe to make sure everything is covered.

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